FORTIFIED XCLUSIVE: THE EXTENDED LEARNING COLLEGE is considered as one of the leading learning and teaching training institute trademarked under and owned by BOMA BRIAN IGANI EMPOWERMENT FOUNDATION. The institute which has organized several workshops tagged as “seasons” has trained well over 100 (hundred) participants in less than a year of its establishment.


FORTIFIED XCLUSIVE: THE EXTENDED LEARNING COLLEGE offers extensive and expert workshops, inspiring videos, photos and materials aimed at equipping organizations, women, men and youths with skills and information in areas of Music II Leadership II Business aimed at improving participants’ productivity and creating a SYSTEM that Saves You Stress, Time, Energy and Money in a fun and entertaining way. 



  • To be the biggest and leading teaching and learning training institute that provides quality information and strategies that enhance the services and productivity of organizations and convert the innate talents of individuals to a profitable venture.

  • To build an environment where people are inspired to think innovatively and empowered to create wealth using their skills.

  • To deliver highly energetic and engaging workshop and events that take 100 (hundred) participants every year; both individuals and corporate organizations through a process of clarity and innovation that changes the trajectory of their thinking, employing only qualified facilitators, entertainment and questions centered around the theme of the workshop or event.


  • We believe in treating our participants with utmost respect and put smiles on their faces.
  • We excel through innovation and creativity.
  • We believe that our participants should learn a new skill at the end of every workshop season.
  • We integrate orderliness, integrity, honesty and ethics in all our workshops and events.


  • To identify, train and convert the innate talents of individuals to profit making ventures.
  • To increase the productivity and support the development of organization and brands.
  • To build a great reputation and expand in the field of training, workshop and consultations by building strong alliances.
  • To achieve high productivity growth through a continuous teaching and learning process.


  • Training
  • Consultancy