FORTIFIED XCLUSIVE equips women, men and youths with soft skills and tools in MUSIC  BUSINESS LEADERSHIP; inspiring and providing participants with opportunities and platforms to execute and make profits with the skills acquired.


Fortified Xclusive Music is the platform where we train and educate participants in voice mastering and the use of musical instruments.

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Fortified Xclusive Leadership is the platform where we train and give insights to participants on the importance of developing and possessing great leadership skills to attract and influence people positively.


Fortified Xclusive Business is the platform where we discuss business and how you can grow your net worth with cutting edge tools that are relevant in today world.

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The FORTIFIED XCLUSIVE event has a dually patterned structure. We have the TALK and EXPERT sessions.

During the TALK session, facilitators make their submissions on the key areas of FORTIFIED XCLUSIVE – Music, Leadership and Business as it relates to the theme of the event.

During the EXPERT session, participants are trained to acquire soft skills which they could easily put to use and make money for themselves.

FORTIFIED XCLUSIVE EVENT in 2020 , based on the theme of the event, will attract a cash price. After the expert session, participants would be asked to do a simple presentation of a business they could start and grow with little fund. The best presentation will win the cash price.

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What is Leadership Leadership is a process by which an executive can direct,

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Musical improvisation is the creation of spontaneous music, often within (or based on) a

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“Composition” is the act or practice of creating a song, an instrumental music piece, a

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